The State of the Union Address – Alabama

The state of Alabama has truly been reflected through its main state college football program, the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.  “Roll Tide,” is the “Bama,” football team programs slogan.  I do believe when Alabama’s football team program started to develop a culture of winning several years ago, it was much more than what meets the eye going on in this state’s spiritual DNA.  The football team’s success was reflecting something much deeper on a spiritual level.  It’s been a cleansing and revival effect of pulling a Church based community out of being lukewarm.  It makes me marvel at the grace of God. 

Of all the states we conduct Tent Revivals, healing meetings, street evangelism and of all the nations we conduct large scale evangelistic programs, I know of no other state………..(continued from Newsletter here....), and no other metro area other than the Birmingham, Alabama metro area’s current spiritual activity to this caliber.  Unity just happens here.  New Church plants are springing up by the dozens every month.  Church of the Highlands began preparations for a campus in the inner city.  I notice new Church and urban outreach centers each visit we conduct in Birmingham, AL.  Since conducting tent revivals alongside of Pastor Mary Barinbino, we begin to see Gods Holy Spirit pour out like liquid fire in these meetings.  The lost were saved, addicts set free, and demonized persons set free.  This was my first true encounter with “proclaiming the Kingdom of God on earth.”  And seeing this Kingdom demonstrate itself.  Then a unified movement begin to happen.  We have seen such beautiful unity among spiritual leaders, especially in a time of national racial and political tension.  These group of Pastors desire to see Gods fulness in that Old Testament verse, “How good and pleasant it is when my brethren dwell in unity.” 

This trip of ministry in Birmingham, AL took on a different form.  It wasn’t until we were strategically invited to minster to a home group north of Birmingham (Huntsville, AL area), then a small Church just east, and then a Church just south of Birmingham, AL that I heard what the Lord was doing, and my wife seen what he was doing in a dream that night.  I could hear the Lord so clearly one Saturday after He had us minister a few different weekends around the outer perimeter of Birmingham, AL what He was up to.  God is circling the wagons.  We do believe a Prince demon is contending for the life of Birmingham, AL with Gods archangels.  The spiritual pressure in the city is heavy but, when we minister in Pelham, or Hoover, or way north in Huntsville, there is an “anointing of ease.”  That same weekend I noticed a Church in Muscle Shoals, an area not known formerly for its diversity, hosting a Prophetic conference where Prophet Chuck Pierce spoke.  There were believers from every tribe, tongue, and nation present praising God and lifting the name of Jesus Christ.  What a glorious testimony for this region, a testimony of God’s grace!  Gods trophy!  A mutual friend of ours were hosting some of the visiting worship leaders of this conference and said, “Joey, the word you received from the Lord was spot on with what Chuck Pierce shared and the map he shared that he saw in a dream seems really close to your wife (Jenese) dream.” He basically stated the same, Alabama is one of the revival hubs of the world.  The evening before my wife had a dream and saw counties surrounding Birmingham, AL in the form of a capital letter, “C,” ranging from the Muscle Shoels area, to Huntsville, to the eastern border, down around the south of Birmingham and stretching through Montgomery, Selma, and down to Mobile/Dauphin Island, Alabama. 

This was exactly our experience.  Those outlying areas are undergoing revival, God is pouring out in these little Church’s.  I clearly heard the Lord say, “Alabama is the only state in the Union of the United States that honors my Prophets, and Apostles.”  Alabama, of all states, despite its historical troubling past of diversity in color, despite the intense “Bible belt,” Church culture, has been called by God to host and incubate His Apostles and Prophets.  I know of no other state as an entirety that not only welcomes a Prophet or any Five-Fold minister, like the state of Alabama!  I believe its due largely to repentance from a difficult past and respect among Church denominations that was birthed from much pain.  Touring the Civil Rights museum and the 16th street First Baptist Church is a must for every Christian family.  It has changed my life for the better, challenging me to see from the eyes of Jesus versus the eyes of my cultural interpretations.  An incredible respect has emerged because of this past struggle here in this region of the United States of America.  Various Churches maintain their personal beliefs on Bible doctrine (interpretation of bible passages such as the manner water baptism is conducted, viewpoint on eternal security of the soul, gifts of the Holy Spirit, and so on) but I rarely see Pastors in Birmingham be dismissive one to another over doctrine issues.  Especially doctrine over the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit.  When these rifts start, Gods, revival seems to burn cold.  These rifts are difficult to locate in Birmingham.  They have that “Billy Graham,” type respect.  Dr. Graham had his staff sign covenants declaring whatever their stance was on “Once saved always saved,” or “The Gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit,” they would honor each other and not allow strife in.  I see this in this Birmingham, AL metro area. The status of the local Church is riveting.  If you want to see a revival culture, please visit this area.  I think we often consider revival this big, cataclysmic explosion where stadiums are filled to the brim, but God is not constrained to a venue, or to one event.  He can conduct revivals in any manner He so desires.  Revival movements always look different.  I love studying those old revival movements, like the famous Welch revival, or as I personally witnessed several Billy Graham crusades where hundreds of thousands came forward to receive Christ and Gods presence felt like the weight of those stadiums sitting down on us humans.  I have seen revival movements in our meetings in Africa where thousands come to Jesus, miracles pour out like water; But revival can and should be our individual walks daily.  If we go into work “On fire,” for Christ God must honor that, with us hosting His presence.  And then, He will move exactly where we are “Tabernacled with Him.”  And He does and is doing that in Alabama.  Church members are taking personal, individual responsibility.  Like our friend “T,” and his business partner “M”; on the outside they look like any other small business start up that God is really blessing with success.  But on the inside, you will meet a young team of business men/women, but I told them I am not sure if you are a business or a team of evangelists.  The entire office is on fire for Christ.  We had a glorious two days together.  We had meetings like this all over central and south Alabama these last two months.  Its been both extremely busy but extremely encouraging. 

“Gods presence sat down upon their car (Tabernacled their car), the driver begins weeping……”

It did appear this visit of Birmingham, AL (August-September 2018) the Lord Jesus had a different strategy of outreach intended so I prayed, “Lord Jesus, help me see with your eyes and help me follow the leadership of your Holy Spirit.”  So, the Lord led me to conduct a lot of my private devotions in a nearby coffee shop called O’Henry’s coffee.  Great coffee!  As I did I would prayer walk the streets, (Continued from Newsletter here) spreading holy water on the streets, drops of holy anointing oil, and decreeing out loud (not loud enough to call attention to myself, and using the oil and water discretely) over this very street for the “Peace of God in Christ Jesus to hit this area, for this very street to be covered by the blood of Jesus.”  I had noticed traffic speed on these streets increased and road rage had its first appearance that I had noticed in my three years visiting this area.  As I walked, several of the neighbors came close enough to the sidewalk to hear me praying, although I became very quiet, they would each say with tearful eyes, “thank you preacher, God bless you!!  Keep praying.”  One of those days I hit the bottom of the street on my return home late in the afternoon and I heard the Lord say, “anoint the parking lot where the drug related murder took place.”  I said, “Ok Lord.”  I conducted a quick survey too see no one around so I began praying loudly, spreading anointing oil and holy water and commanding the spirit of murder to leave in Jesus name!  I felt Gods presence flood this area.  About that time a motor started and the car about 5 parking spaces away backed up quickly beside of me, I thought Oh no!!  It was two ladies.  The driver began weeping and said, “Preacher, God bless you, please keep praying, we are so scared.”  I grabbed their hands and kept interceding and the driver begin weeping.  The Holy Spirit fire set down upon that car like it was a tabernacle (God “tabernancled,” that car).  The driver started weeping uncontrollably and I said, “Friend, do you know Jesus.”  She said, “Preacher, I never knew He had a presence like this, I am knowing Him know.”  I said, “are you ready to pray that famous prayer you heard about as a little girl, asking Jesus to forgive you and come into your heart?”  She said, “Yes!”  She prayed and asked Jesus to cleanse her and the Holy Spirit to fill her and lead her to a good Church.  Her tears turned into tears of joy and laughter.  Her friend prayed to follow but said she knew Jesus.  I could sense she did not really want to pray.  So, the Lord asked me to ask them if I could pray for their future mate.  The driver said, “Sure, I am engaged to this lady (as she pointed to her friend in the passenger seat).  I said, “Oh, ok, now I see what God wanted me to pray for your future husbands, can I do that now?  The driver said, “Yes!”  So I prayed God would bind any spirit of sexual confusion, that He would heal any wounds that caused a fatherless spirit to emerge, that the blessing of a daddy would be released and that their husbands would be men of God, men who would treat them like African Queens, and they would all share a call of God on their lives to reach earth with Jesus.  The driver once again smiled and shook my hand.  Then they sped off.  It was after this prayer walk, that Gods anointing began opening as we journeyed in the streets of Birmingham, AL.  Prayer walks are one of the most effective and easy to use tools in our Christian walk, even for a brand-new believer in Jesus.  They are powerful. 



Oceanside, CA Gospel Tent Meetings Invite and

Word from the Lord

Matthew 4:19-21 "3 P's" of Following Jesus


Summer 2018 power ending

God bless you!  We pray this message finds you resting in Jesus.  You can read it here quickly or watch below the short message below. 

With summer ending its our prayer you will steal away a few short days in some time alone with God.  Busy schedules ramp up for the fall of those who have kids.  Returning to school, kids transitioning to college, and just life starts ramping up.  We want to help you prepare for this coming fall. 

This summer’s message is "Carols story.”  I pray it refreshes you, and that is the goal of our summer, You.  Vision you!  You and your family are on our hearts and we pray we can see you this summer either in one of our tent meetings or a personal visit.  Amen!

It was like any other morning of my first week as a “Cabbie,” taxi cab driver in St. Petersburg, FL…………. (Click here to read more)

My wife and I felt led to lease a cab to penetrate the inner-city parts of St. Pete, FL.  Yes, you read that correct.  We literally leased a taxi cab.  It was awesome!  I have a total new respect for “cabbies.”  My rides ranged from leading people to Christ to politely removing people from the taxi for threats or dealing drugs.  It was wild.  But this morning, this specific morning I could sense God doing something special, so I was on heightened alert in my prayer mind. 

My next pick up was Carol.  She needed a ride to a physical rehab center.  As I picked her up I could tell she was a Christian.  Turns out, she was a former missionary and a missionary with one of my favorite organizations.  As well, she spent nearly twenty of those mission years in Africa.  We really hit it off when I shared I was an evangelist to villages of Africa and inner-city America. 

But then, her countenance changed.  It’s important to notice countenance, but not to be influenced by it.  Jesus noticed people’s countenance.  It was an act of compassion, a servant’s heart that senses Gods heart for others.  King David even reflected a prayer of God in Psalm, “why are you downcast within me o my soul?”  God notices our countenance.  Jesus often had, “Compassion,” on those he met on the road.  During His “Triumphal Entry,” the Bible says, “Jesus was MOVED with compassion; He felt hurt for Israel and the people’s deception of not recognizing His offer to them as Savior.  In a busy, overly aggressive, hostile, politically volcanic, angry world, people are starving for a kind soul, a kind word, a question of interest or concern. 

So, I said, “Carol, are you ok, you seem a little down after we talked about our missionary journeys.  With tears welling she said, “It’s been nearly twenty-five years since I talked about this, something awful happened to my fellow staff member there.  She shared just a few details of the terrible incident.  She said rather than addressing the incident she was moved.  She stepped out of missions, came home to Florida and twenty-five years later, in a taxi cab on the way to the “rehab,” for an injured leg, God’s compassion meets her pain.  As she sat in a pool of tears I said, “Can we together pray a forgiveness prayer, releasing all involved?”  She declared a strong yes and that is all God needs.  He needs our yes, the Holy Spirit will typically not invade our wills.  I asked if I could pray for healing for her leg as well and she said no so I honored that, but she did allow for healing prayer for her soul and released those who caused hurt to her life.  Gods presence filled that taxi cab.  Matter of fact the next person hopped in, a little intoxicated, and said, “wow, what in the world is in here?”  I said, “Ohhh, just Jesus.”  She laughed loud and said, “Yeah, rock on man.”  We also had a wonderful discussion where this lady prayed as well.  She did forget her cigarettes and phoned me later to ask if I would drop them off, I said I was sorry that I was on the other side of the city.  She said, “I guess Jesus took them.”  LOL.  😊

I did encourage Carol to contact the main office here in the United States about her incident and to report it.  She said she would pray about it but commented she felt so much better.  Forgiveness can even set us up for a medical miracle.  Bitterness is often the block of most medical healings that we pray for when people come forward at an alter call.  I can recount hundreds in the last three years related to this.  We love your letters and messages of healing testimony that gives an account of this Biblical model of prayer in James 5:14-16; “if any you be sick. Call for the elders. Anoint them...pray...confess your faults…and ye shall be healed.” 

God can do this for hurts in our past.  This is our prayer for you.  I even seen this in my own life many years ago.  I had been promoted to a mid-level manager but there was a scenario that kept repeating itself in my leadership opportunity to respond as a seasoned leader; but I kept failing this test.”  Finally, a friend asked, “is there some leader in your life that you are bitter at?”  That friend was Zig Ziglar.  When he asked me, he pointed his finger to my heart.  Zig had just shared a story where a well-known preacher hurt him more than any human in his life and had harmed him deeply financially.  I melted in Zig’s floor that day with Zig standing over me smiling and saying, ‘If you will just forgive them son, it will do you good and help you too, and the Lord will move right in.”  That was one of the greatest moves of God in my life I had encountered since my salvation experience September 18, 1993. 

What about you my friend?  Is there anyone God has placed on your heart today?  This hurt could be holding back a medical miracle in your life or a leadership step in your journey of growing as a leader.  Will you say this prayer of forgiveness with us?

“Dear Father in heaven, I come to you through your Son Jesus, Lord I am so sorry for being bitter at _________; when he/she did _____________ to me, it made me feel ________.  Lord, forgive me for holding on to this bitterness and these feelings; I release _______ in the name of Jesus.  Holy Spirit fill with your presence in this vacated area and seal me so seven more spirits of bitterness cannot return and make me worse.  And lead me to a good fellowship group of believers where I can pray and be taught God’s word.  Be my Lord and Savior Lord Jesus.  Forgive me and cleanse me.  In Jesus name, amen.” 

We pray this bless you and prepares you for the upcoming fall 2018.  Some resources that may help you:


Thank you!​

Not sure if I say that enough, sometimes I feel like I don’t. 

Thank you for reading these newsletters!  We are maintaining a huge percentage rate open which is a great signal.  Thank you for praying, that means more than you ever will know.  Thank you for being a friend, they are worth more than gold.  Thank you for encouraging us, that truly is the gasoline for all of our life’s adversities.  Thank you for the financial partnerships with Gods vision, we take that as a solemn act between you and God the Father Himself, and us.  Thank you for praying for our stewardship with His ministry.  Thank you for knocking on heavens door with us, that is truly the 100% source of all salvations, all miracles, all healings, all deliverance and all the Pastoral leadership connecting.  It’s truly answered prayer from God Himself.  Thank you so much!  I have done nothing to deserve God's outpouring, I realize its not some great sermon, nor even a great song, not even exactly a gathering of unity across the bride of Christ, it’s God’s sovereignty.  We can play a role, but I think it’s mostly prayer and all of us just showing up.  No talent I possess creates manifestation of revival.  Gods presence and hand of blessing does, so thank you, for partnering with Him and His vision.  I believe with all my heart our prayers move His hands!  We are still seeing His hands moving from Tampa outreach, reports of healings are still trickling in.  Amen.  Gods anointing was possibly the strongest I have seen it in our ministry at this outreach, its truly awesome to watch Him work.  

Africa Announcement
It’s our honor and privilege to formerly announce the new Continental wide Director of Field Operations – Africa,
Reverend Lenson M. Y. Mbisa.  Pastor Lenson is.........General Secretary Assemblies of God, Malawi, Africa.  Please give Jesus a clap offering with us and a few hallelujahs.  We flew Pastor Lenson on his first major flight just a few months ago to Nairobi, Kenya.  It was there Pastor Lenson begin preaching and imparting Rock this City vision while sharing the gospel.  This will be the first of many visits for him/us.  This is one of our dreams, to raise up national Evangelists/Prophets who will go to the nations of Africa and being FROM the nations of Africa. 

We are receiving many invites now into various nations and villages of Africa.  We do sense Gods leading strongly to begin praying about an evangelistic outreach in Mzuzu, Malawi (home of famous coffee).  As well in Nairobi, Kenya.  Keep us in your prayers for these outreach's.  Mzuzu is ripe for harvest and last time we preached there God was for sure pouring out mass revival.  We praise God Almighty for the provisions to be made following this vision.  He is faithful!

Summer 2018 Schedule/Message:

I will also be traveling home to visit family and preach in Church’s in Kentucky/Tennessee.  Pray for my time with family that it will be multiplied.  I sure miss them.  That has surely been a cost for me and my family in what I sense is my call to Africa and inner-cities of America, I LOVE being near my family and childhood friends.  God has surely blessed that pain in terms of the anointing He pours out when I minster (Has nothing to do with me, I have no special abilities other than I am human).  I have noticed when God issues a call that often can be followed by much pain for all parties involved that He issues a special measure of anointing oil from heaven.  Would you desire a special encounter with God this summer like the one I mentioned earlier?  We want to pray that for you, that you and Jesus will have a very special encounter.  Just email us if we can partner in prayer with us this summer for your special encounter and family blessing.  It will definitely evoke a challenge, a letting go of something in exchange for a gaining of someone, a deeper encounter with Jesus Christ. 

Jon 14:21 says, “He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me:  and he that loveth me shall be loved by my Father, and I will love him, and will “MANIFEST,” MY SELF to him.” 

Praise God!!  Jesus will do it!!  I am a witness, and I pray right now in the name of Jesus it happens for you this summer.  The Holy Spirit is a gentleman, a gentle dove, He will light as close to you as you invite Him.  That is what I hear from John 14:21, and isn’t that what Jesus was saying in John 16:12-16?   

Especially verse 12, “I have yet MANY THINGS to say unto you, but ye cannot BEAR them now.”  13) “BUT, WHEN HE, the Holy Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you….” 

Can you bear it?  Or maybe the better question is, “Will you bear (permit, create platform for) Jesus invite of deeper intimacy of His Holy Spirit?  He’s waiting.  It may cost you a couple special seats among your elite group.  Its worth it!  We love you and would be honored to pray with/for you Rock Nation Tribe.  I pray an Apostolic blessing over you, “May God almighty, the Father, bless you and make His face shine upon you, May His countenance turn upon you and your entire family this summer, may you have the greatest family vacation summer in your family’s history, may peace, the peace of God enter your home, may a deeper measure of the Holy Ghost find you in your morning time cup of coffee with God and your Bible, may those words, the veil over them, be rent in two, and may His Spirit, the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, show up in your vacation cottage and you will walk out like Moses, face glowing, forever changed.  Hallelujah, may the blood of Jesus visit you during this time in a special way and some of you will receive a deeper level of forgiveness and a strange religious guilt you have been carrying for years be cut off you by the sacrifice, the blood, and the stone removed from Jesus and His suffering for YOU.  He suffered so you will not have to bear it alone.  Bear the requirements. That is piety, religiosity, that is not from God.  Jesus bore it all, all to Him I OWE, sin had left a crimson stain, BUT HE WASHED ME WHITE AS SNOW.  Praise God!  Jesus nailed it for you, He nailed those requirements that you and I could never fill on that Tree, the Cross.  “Cursed is any man hung on a tree,” says our Old Jewish Testament, but God sent forth His Son to become a curse for you and me.”  He became poor that you might become rich, that is Gods word.  I pray this summer, you will become rich in His presence, in His call, the call of God on your life, rich in His mercy, His kindness, His holiness that Jesus walked for you.  I can hear a hammer hitting a nail, over and over.  Is that the hammer that nailed Jesus to the cross, is that the hammer that struck the sins, your sins, my sins, our inadequacy, nailing the righteous requirements of the law to an old tree?  Will you bow down your head into the lap of Jesus?  Will you allow Him right now to place His hands on your head and anoint you?  He will do it!  He did it for me, He will do it for you.  The blood of Jesus, the mercy, is flowing.  Will you sit in that mercy seat this summer, that seat right under the Cross of Christ?  Don’t get stuck there!  Run, and visit that empty tomb.  Its there, at an empty tomb you will find your call, the call of God on your life.  I can’t help you find it, it MUST be a whisper from God Himself to you, you must put that time in with Him.  I pray this in your precious Son’s name Father God, that name that is so sweet, that name that brings us near to you O God, that name of Jesus.  Praise God, pour out your oil on us Father.  We kneel in need of you, one touch from those nail scared hands.  Amen!

Will you send us your testimonies this summer?  We won’t share your names.  But we would love to hear what happens.  Praise God.  What a wonderful summer vacation we will have.  Even if we are working, we will retreat to God this summer.  Be blessed Rock Nation Tribe.  



As of today (April 19, 2018) here is the report of the Lord of what He has done:  

  • At least 28 confirmed decisions for Jesus Christ concerning salvation.

  • Many more decisions were made for Jesus but no card was completed

  • Miracles - Healings - the numbers are still coming in but we're tracking at least:

    • Missing hair growth was gone is now growing

    • Tumors/Cysts gone down

    • Boils disappeared

    • Several Baptisms in the Holy Ghost

    • Demons spirits cast out

    • Relationships restored

    • As of today (April 19, 2018) here is the report of the Lord of what He has done: 

As well:

  • ​At least 12 evangelists were trained in street evangelism
    • ​Several reported deep inner-healing from fractured emotions as a result of the training
    • Nearly 500 people were prayed for as a result of the team canvasing Temple Terrace, and Joey and Jenese canvasing several weeks.
    • Pastor Lorrie Negreat has invited Joey and Jenese to continue small level Gospel outreach meetings as she sets up around inner-city Tampa to feed and clothe the homeless.  She asked us to sing and preach while she supplies felt needs.  Amen!
  • So, Vision Inner-city Tampa continues.  We are still trusting God for $1,500.00 to continue the outreach and a full scale evangelism class so more street evangelists may be trained.  
    • ​we will go out with the street evangelists training them with the model Jesus established, "The With Him Principle."  "He called 12 unto Himself, to be with Him." (Luke 12:1).
    • Would you consider partnering with God's Inner City Tampa vision?  Click here and partner with Gods hands on the streets of Tampa, FL.
  • Recorded Testimony:
    • ​​I am 59 now but in my mid-forties I begin to lose my hair due to diabetic complications. My skills had died and nothing that I use could shock it back to life I felt no Sensations in my scalp pain in the top of my head I am bald. I have been praying for years for God to grow my hair back recently I begin to use trace minerals I heard that they help grow hair.  I went to the Gospel Tent Meeting the first night, as I was getting in the car and to leave
      I was talking and stop suddenly because I felt strong sensations in the front top of my scalp. When I got home later that night I put some Vicks Vapor Rub in my scalp because I was told that helps to create blood flow and grow your hair. Before it never did worked but when I put it in that night I started feeling Sensations again and the next few days afterwards I periodically felt Sensations like my scalp was coming back to life.  Praise God! (KW Temple Terrace, FL)


VISION Dallas, TX May 2018 

  • We enter Dallas around May ----, 2018. (Rescheduled to later date, soon to be announced!!) 

  • Scouting meeting, just like Joshua and Caleb bringing back the report of the Lord.  We already now it, "White Hot!!"  

  • Trusting God for $10,000.00 seed to begin this four month process 



Vision Tampa April 2018 Preparations and stories of outpouring

As of today (April 1, 2018) we are full swing in set up preparations for the April 12-14 tent meetings.  Here is what that looks like nearly 30 days out: 

This week we complete evangelism training for the leadership team on Friday/Saturday, April 6-7, 2018.  We will walk the neighborhoods, hand out flyers, ask people if they need prayer and watch the Holy Spirit ignite revival in peoples hearts this Saturday through salvation in Christ, with incredible miracles and wonders following these personal invitations.  YOU are invited for this training, e-mail us here at:   

  • March 26 Week:  Begin worship practice, prayer walk neighborhoods, begin passing out                            11 x 17 sponsor posters, pray with local business (we have been doing                            this and local business owners ask one question, "when will you come                            back and pray again with me and for my family?" :)).   Train gospel                                  teams in prophetic/evangelism.   

  • March 31:           Preach on Congressman Eddie Adams radio/TV Show (WTMP).  - Went great, see interview at: Facebook Live

  • April 2 Week:     Prayer canvas (knock on doors, ask people if they would like prayer,                              hand out invite card).  - Seen several come to Jesus.  See below.

  • April 9 Week:     Take more teams out to prayer walk, and knock on doors to pray and                              invite.  

​A couple of testimonies:

She walked out shouting and praising God saying, "Jesus is real, He is alive, He is all over me; Oh my God I feel His presence," as the young African-American girl shared about her experience after she prayed with us.  My wife and I had spent most of the day in the Temple-Terrace area and other inner-city parts of Tampa, FL.  We were hungry, so we visited a Taco Bell down the street.  While we were there God gave my wife a strong word of knowledge (1 Corinthians 12:8-9) about a struggle the young lady was going through.  She worked at Taco Bell.  As she was cleaning in our area my wife asked if she could pray for her and share some things God had placed on her heart.  She looked hesitant then tears filled her eyes, and said, "Yes," as she looked over her shoulder to ensure she could take a quick moment.  As we prayed she reaffirmed her decision for Jesus Christ.  When she walked away her reaction was thankful but that was about it.  The young lady walked out shortly after since her shift was completed.  We soon walked out and as I opened my wife's door I heard someone shouting, "Oh My God, He is real, the presence of Jesus has filled my car, I never knew He's real, I AM HEALED, O my God, the pain is gone!!!!  She kept shouting and lifting her hands to the air.  People were smiling.  That little area, God dropped hope in.  Our hearts break for the inner-city.  Its seems like the Bible verse, "no man lays it to heart."  Or where Jesus about Jesus, "He was moved with compassion because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a Shepherd."  

This is our "why."  Our motif, our motive.  My heart weeps as I survey the land in all inner-cities, I see nothing, but hopelessness and it moves my heart to tears.  Jesus is NOT limited to a white, nice-dressed, organized, Church building and group.  He is visiting the inner cities and I believe God also sent His Son Jesus, to die, and rise again so He could restore, refresh, and bring back to life the entirety of every inner-city of America.  When we pray with people in the inner city, Gods Spirit pours out like that which I seen in small villages of Africa.  And this, I love!

 Another young man whom was so confused by all the religions of the world and struggling with an alcohol addiction received Jesus Christ on the spot, and knelt down in Gods presence, screaming as he begin to profusely sweat and say, “what is wrong with me, alcohol is gushing out of my pores,” and after several minutes of him calling on the name of Jesus and asking for forgiveness, he looked up and said, “All my life I have been looking to be loved, and today, God the Father wrapped his arms around me through Jesus, I felt Jesus touch me.”  This you man wept bitterly, but the tears seemed so sweet as for the first time in his life He accepted Jesus. 

These young people are waiting for us, will you help us go?  The time of revival is now!  Its here.  As Dr. Christian Harfouche said, “stop praying for revival, and you be that revival in Christ, He has promised in the last days He WILL pour out His Spirit upon all flesh.  And He did!”  Amen.  Let’s be that revival. 

This is only one of several stores already showing Gods outpouring here in Tampa, FL.  We have several more stories showing Gods faithfulness, and this is only our prayer walks and preparations. 

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Fall 2017 Updates 

We stopped in a small town in North, FL to eat in November after my graduation.  Revival literally broke out and we have a pending invitation to rally the Pastors of that city.  Several Pastors “Happened,” to be in the restaurant, including the Assemblies of God Pastor whom we prayed over, when dozens of people started praying.   It all started after a young man had approached our table, begin weeping and said, “I need Jesus.”  As he prayed to receive Christ and as we conducted the laying on of hands he knelt to the floor weeping and praising God.  That launched nearly a dozen people to begin praying.  Then found out later on from my Pastor Carl Stephens, that was his home town where he grew up and Pastored his first Church.  My God!!  When my bride begins to pray in public, you can feel Gods presence settling down.  People start coming from all around for prayer, and we LOVE to pray with people.  Ministry is as simple as that.  Well, sorta.  😊  The young man and I are still in contact, he is doing well and God is restoring him to a home to live in, and back to his wife and kids that some “Thing,” had caused him to leave.  Addiction is merely a spirit.  Pray for his discipleship as the Assemblies Pastor just “Happened,” to run the local town half-way type home.  We all begin praising God.  The waitresses were in shock, but they were so happy. 

We spent September through early December working a temp job for Hurricane Insurance claims.  We seen hundreds of hurting, scared people from Irma be touched with the love of Jesus.  We also formed a ministry team apart from the insurance business and literally assisted pulling trees out of people’s homes the first several days after Irma.  My beautiful bride placed a Craigs list ad and people were shocked as they discovered we truly wanted to bless them and not take advantage of them financially during a time of crisis.  We were able to share the gospel with many in the clean up ministry and insurance business.  One Puerto-Rican lady received Jesus and begin shouting, “wow, what is that, I feel fire all over me,” and she begin praising God and speaking in tongues.  She began weeping and said, “I have wanted to know Jesus ALL my life.”  My wife has been discipling her. 

Around the Corner
*Rock Kenya was postponed until end of 2018 or 2019.  Elections in Kenya have become electric.  Pray for their peace.  The Lord also slowed funding, so we obeyed His voice.  As result, Tanzania now wants to partner and dozens more Associations of the interior outside Nairobi (as far as several hours away) now want to partner.  PTL!
*We will minister in Detroit, Michigan during the Holidays.  December 28-31, 2017.  Message us if you are local!!  Love to see you and pray for you and have you join us. 
*We will also minister in San Diego, California January 3-13, 2018.  Message us if you are local!!  Love to see you and pray for you and have you join us. 
*We launch official (Rock this City – Joe and Jenese) on January 20, 2018 in Clearwater, FL.  Please come to praise God with us and attend a prayer/healing service.  Love to have you with us in Clearwater, message us for details. 
*We will be traveling around to various cities (including Birmingham, AL in early February and possibly late February, who knows, maybe the whole month!!).  Love to see you there.
*We are planning a Tent Revival (Old School) and Public wedding ceremony in late March.  Clearwater, FL.  Love to have you!  TBD!! 

Late Fall of 2018 we are trusting God to have acquired our:

*Tent for revival service
*Truck to haul the….
*Camper.  😊
*To go city to city.  Praise Jesus! 

We love you and already pray for you. 


We are going up North I-75, South of I-75, east and west, ang gathering the wall builders!!!  Rock this City in the name of Jesus.  Let the Holy Spirit have his way in our lives Lord, in all we do, may it be for you, less of self and more of you, may we love those people too.  North and south, east and west, may God bring America His best; Black and white, brown and red, may your Natives never be mis-led, bring them back, rise up again my Native friends, take America back again in a Holy Spirit whirlwind, lift Jesus up, push Hell down, let us love one another with no denominational frown; from beginning till end, may Jesus be our Friend.  Bring the Fire Lord.  Bring the Fire.  Bring it again!  Deut. 9:1-4. 


In His Grip,

Joey and Jenese Sammons


Summer 2017 Updates Ministry update’s:

Kissimmee, FL.  God has opened the door wide in the Hispanic community of Orlando, FL.  Several have received Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Several delivered from addictions and many delivered from “Sant aria,” or witchcraft.  The Lord has really blessed me with wisdom in this area and it’s such an easy area to avoid since witchcraft is “weird, or archaic,” as one Christian friend recently told me.  Witchcraft is sweeping through Miami, FL and attempting to take Kissimmee, FL.  There is a strong connection between the two locations due to ethnic populations.  And interestingly enough, God is desiring to utilize the Hispanic community to restore America to its revival roots.  They hunger for constant revival, discipleship and missions.  Feels like I’m in Heaven.


Miami, FL (Hialeah).  God is starting to open great doors.  The body of Christ is starting to cross denominational lines and ethnic lines.  We saw Haitian, Puerto Rican, and Cuban brothers and sisters worshiping Jesus together.  As we shared the gospel in one of the Hialeah park’s with Evangelist Ralphie Miret, Ralphie and I were astonished to discover such an incredible hunger among teens and college age adults.  What an honor to take part in this.  Please do plan a trip to this area. Hialeah is opening their arms to the national Church body in America.  Luis Palau has also been invited in to evangelize.  I was able to spend time with the local Miami, FL Palau staff members and we had several hours of reporting, prayer and worship in a small café outside Brickell avenue.  Pray for Dr. Palau’s two years crusade process. 

Rock Naribi, Kenya 2017

We are set for November 8-11, 2017 to “Rock Nairobi.”  God has promised a release of the Prophetic and to restore Kenya to its former, age old foundations.  Kenya has been over-ran by crime and religious extremist.  Pray God prepares Bishop Ioete Pappa, his Church and the Rock this City team as we prepare to go.  God has raised up nearly a dozen people who desire to go in with me this time. 

We are trusting God for $40,000.00.  This will provide a crusade for Nariobi and Malawi Africa during this visit (several smaller crusades in Malawi).  Kenya is estimating crowds of 20,000 per night.  Praise God.  Join us in prayer, God has promised a “Boaz,” for this crusade.  He has confirmed His leading and I’m so honored to take several young Evangelist and Prophets with me so they can also be trained as I go.  Hallelujah!  God has provided more than several young Evangelists in Orlando, FL area whom desire mentoring.  As well, one of the young men I (and many others in his Church, Nacion de Fe, with Apostle Mojica) led back to Christ has received a clear calling from God.  We have been meeting bi-weekly for several weeks and have nearly shared the gospel with his entire family and their friends.  His entire family has a clear call from God into ministry.  I have never seen this and am so excited to be a part of it.  His name is Zacharius.  His brother Elliott is a very gifted Evangelist that will be partnering with me.  No training needed with him, he is ready and the Assemblies of God did a wonderful job preparing this Evangelist.  Praise God.  


Miami, FL

January 2017

We have had successful contact in the inner city of Miami, FL. (Hialeah).  The strange thing is that the spiritual opposition I could sense in Hialeah, FL. was as strong as we faced in Zimbabwe, Africa.  But, as we ministered to people on the street in Hialeah, FL I saw an intense hunger for God and His presence like I have never seen in America.  So, our prayer is, “God, is this your time in Hialeah, FL?”  Please join us in that prayer.  God has provided several contacts who are inviting us in and have been contending for the salvation of Hialeah, FL for decades.  They are contending for the salvation of nearly 700,000 residents in this inner-city area.  Let’s stand with them.  Would you have time to pray?  To go with us?  To join our support team?  To contribute to Healing tent meetings where we preach the gospel and provide prayer for healing?  We have seen several miracles during our visit this January in Hialeah, FL.  The Pastor of an awesome Baptist Church said he would be honored to preach during one or some of the evenings services.  He is a man after God’s own heart.  We knew immediately this man would be a host Pastor along with the other leaders we have been working with. 


This red dirt

Africa October- December 2016 Tour

I LOVE this red dirt.  It reminds me of what the ground under the Cross of Christ must have looked like.  Jesus applies his blood to every area of our lives.  And just like this African red dirt, it stains.  My khaki dress slacks are permanently stained by this red dirt, I love it!  That is my message this Sunday, have you been permanently stained by the blood of Christ?  Upon accepting Jesus I'm immediately freed, God accomplished upon the Cross what my behavioral record could never do.  During my counseling Masters program I loved studying Albert Bandura and other behavioral psychologists.  The only problem is that I could never fix myself to the degree where my spirit man, the eternal part of who I am, and the part of me who will be alive when my body ceases to exist, to sense that I am totally accepted and approved by God.  I had a spirit of intellect attached to me, a spirit which says, "my thoughts are higher than Gods thoughts (words), and achieving a "higher education," will elevate me to Gods level.  That was blinding my spirit and keeping my soul in chains.  That spirit flees so quickly when nail scarred hands show up. 

Then I encountered Jesus Christ.  I met Him!  He touched me, and I doubled over to the floor of my residence hall room at Eastern Kentucky University on September 18, 1993.  The presence of Jesus was and is real, there was no choir singing.  There was no Pastor except Jesus Christ Himself in my room.  It was just me, Jesus and my alcohol addiction.  And one of the three had to leave.  Guess which one fled in fear of the eternal presence of Christ?  The addiction. 

That is 2 Corinthians 5:21 "He made Him (Jesus) who knew no sin to become sin for us (Joey) in order that the righteousness of God might be MADE (finished, inserted, done for me, completed with out my GOOD WORKS which amount to NOTHING) in  Him."  All that says is, when God looks at me and all those who have encountered Jesus can no longer see me and you, He is blinded by the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.  He sees only Jesus now that He looks upon me.  I and you are acceptable in God through the finished work of Christ.  He did what we can never do, He became our living sacrifice for sins.  The Jewish part of my Bible says, "without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sins." 

I am accepted by God, I feel free.  My soul and my spirit are in harmony.  My calling was ushered forth as a result of this freedom by the violent death of Christ.  "It pleased the Father that He might CRUSH Him."  Jesus was crushed for me and for you, His  blood is still crying out, "Redemption from sin." 

And so Jesus stands tall today, with this red stained dirt by the blood of Christ.  His blood demands Satans release on your spirit, your soul, your mind.  NOTHING can stand in this presence of Christ.  Nothing.  Jesus even said at the end of all days, when earth is finished, when humanity will cease to reign, when the time of all times, all epochs have come to completion, that "Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, Jesus Christ is Lord."  Don't wait until that day that all humans, whom have ever existed will bow their knees and heads.  Do it on this side of eternity which guarantee's entry way into Gods kingdom.  Just say this prayer, "Lord Jesus, I am a sinner.  Forgive me and cleanse me from all my sin.  I give you every part of my heart.  Be my Lord and Savior.  In Jesus name, Amen!"  If you prayed that prayer you became born again.  (John 3:3).  You have the Spirit of God now residing in you and Gods full acceptance.  (1 Peter 1:23).  Don't walk, run to Church on Sunday.  You will feel like a child running down to open gifts at Christmas.  If its a Church that lifts Jesus up and preaches the word of God, you will feel truly alive for the first time in your life.  Will you reply here and lets us know what that first Sunday in Church feels like?  Its here, God will disciple you in a fellowship of believers.  We are so happy for you.  Amen!


Birmingham, AL  Fall 2016

As he walked forward during the alter call, this young man who had prior involvement in local gangs lifted his shirt.  My eyes were shocked to see six scars made from bullet holes.  Before he prayed to make a re-commitment of his life to Christ and answer the call into the ministry, he said, “Preacher, I have an obsession with studying Gods word, since I was a little boy and knew this day was coming, I know I’m a preacher, but only I can see it.”  Praise God.  “Man judges the outward appearance, but God judges the intent of the heart.  (1 Samuel 16:7) 
What an incredible journey in the inner city of Birmingham, AL during September 2016.  A small tent was erected by Pastor Mary Barbarino and her son “Happy shoes,” a famous evangelist pair in Birmingham.  The temperature soared into the 90’s each evening, humidity felt like a large blanket draped over the crowd.  A CVS pharmacy was behind the tent with several apartment buildings surrounding it.  At one point we were concerned about the noise so I whispered into the microphone, “It’s after 9 p.m., so I’m not sure if we are breaking noise ordinance.”  Pastor Mary stood and shouted, “Keep “preachin,” Preacher, the Mayor gave me the key to the city last year!!”  The crowd roared with laughter.  At one point the Police officer whom made rounds in that neighborhood stopped and looked at me with confusion.  I could not read his mind but his look seemed to say, “Is that a white man?”  He then smiled and never said a word to us about the noise during the tent festival meetings each night.  Several men responded to the call of ministry that evening.  We had nearly 10 Pastors of various local Church’s present. They came forward to lay hands on these young men that responded to the call of ministry. 

For nearly 23 years I operated as an Evangelist on college campuses while working full-time for Universities.  Four years ago, God began to stir my heart in preparation for full-time ministry. God shared a vision to join various denominations and races in unity, approach the throne in prayer and trust God for a major outreach to “shake,” or “Rock,” their city as Acts 16 states.  Now I see how God is combining my two ministries to share the gospel and assemble the Church for a last stand here in America and in Africa.  Our expanded mission statement is, “Taking Christ to every nation, one inner-city and village at a time.” 

I feel like I step into an eternal pair of shoes designed especially for me when I step into a village in Africa or inner-city in America.  Something switches in my heart and mind, I can see what God desires for each person and for each inner-city.  I experience a sharp increase in joy and happiness, my preaching becomes more zealous and feels like it drips with oil.  I have found the right place at the right time, with the right people.  I see God’s call and mantle on their lives and will help them move forward.   


Dallas Trip report (August 4-9, 2016)

What an incredible week in Dallas. It's always wonderful to preach at the Ziglar studios.  Even more rewarding was spending several days with my preaching mentor, Bryan Flanagan.  I was able to see Bryan in action again one afternoon when he invited me to attend a business
presentation at a large New York based corporate headquarters in Plano, TX.  It's awesome to see how the Ziglar staff incorporates their love for Jesus Christ into business presentations.  Bryan made no hesitations introducing me as a missionary which sparked interesting conversations.  It's wonderful to see various sectors of our society being influenced strong with and for Christ. Taking Christ to the corporate world has always been the undercurrent at the Ziglar organization. 

At the Monday morning devotional, I preached on, "Plowing with Jesus." Matthew 11:28-30 says, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." The Greek translation of yoke (“Zygo’s”) in this passage is what we would be accustomed to as a type of harness one would apply to a horse/mule for plowing.  Also, yoke utilized in marriage that joins two (a man and woman) together.  The interesting note is that the word picture associated is not a picture of one "harness," or a "yoke," it's actually a picture of a dual harness/yoke.  Jesus' invitation is not, "Go plow," (Have an awesome joke/story here.  Remind me to share with you sometime. :). Jesus invitation is, let's put on the harness, side by side, allowing the Holy Spirit to assist, lead, guide, fill me with energy, with supernatural ideas, and with His Supernatural attitude. To "put on," the new self. But even the trying of putting on, forcing my mind to be positive can be meaningless if attempted by myself.  I can't explain it but when I say, "Holy Spirit, I love you, I need your help, fill me today and give me wisdom," something super-natural happens.  God adds His super to our natural.  God plows with us, yet so many of us plow in our fields of work, our family, our ministry, our problems, all alone.  I shared a story of how my grandfather Victor Bartley taught me how to plow with a Troy Build tiller.  He allowed me to struggle several minutes as the plow literally pulled my 12-year-old body across the garden.  With momma Sammons yelling on one side, "Don't kill my baby Jay Sammons," my dad yelling on the other side of the garden, "FIGHT son FIGHT, you got it," my brother screaming on the other, "Fight it Deak, fight it."  (My brother nick named me Deak at a young age, short for Deacon.  It’s a long story.  J).   My grandfather remained standing with great poise and the peace of God all over him.  He simply said, "son, let go of the clutch," and of course the blades stopped turning on the Troy Built tiller soon as my hands released the clutch. Then he came up behind me and said, "Ya mind son if I help you on the next lap?" His leadership approach was so full of Gods grace.  I said, "not at all Pappaw (grandfather in East Kentucky). He wrapped his being arms around my arms following behind me and we plowed together. That's the Holy Spirits invitation to us today. To a western mindset that is so confusing because independence is our way of life.  It's time to turn our minds off and follow Christ with our spirit man, with all of our hearts.  (Proverbs 3:5-6).  That's Jesus invitation today, "Ya mind son (daughter) if I plow in behind you?" Several people at the devotion this morning at Ziglar studio felt as though God cut through some "rocks," (Trials) in their gardens during this sermon.  And many were encouraged of the miraculous decision points how God led me into full-time ministry and opened the doors to a new ministry plowing field of Africa.  So I left them with these words:  Keep plowing for Jesus!

Thanks for keeping us in prayer for revival meetings in Birmingham, Alabama.  God rocked the inner city of Birmingham last week (August 15) as we preached at an African-American tent revival in the heart of the inner city of Birmingham.  A complete update will follow soon along with recent updates related to Africa.  Acts 16, "as they were praying and worshiping God the earth shook (one version says "Rocked")."  Thank you for helping us “Rock,” various cities in the U.S.A. and Africa. 


Malawi, Africa Evangelistic Village Tour (June 2016)

Nearly 1,500 individuals have made decisions to receive Christ as Lord and Savior.  What a glorious seven days!  Despite an intensive schedule of preaching and teaching for nearly 15 continuous days I have watched the presence of God traverse through an entire nation.  

 After preaching, "I lay my Isaac down," at Assemblies of God seminary, we set our hearts on the next seven-day evangelistic festival tour, and, Pastoral follow-up of new seminary graduates.  I had no idea my life, ministry, and preaching would change forever, especially the following day.

We traveled to Salima, south of Lilongwe. We preached in several villages.  One village that we conducted an outreach in was out in the bush, several miles off the main road.  We would have to get out of the car to push at times and at times walk a few miles due to the car dragging on the ground beneath us.  When we arrived at our destination in this village called Yambe (in Salima), nearly 700 plus people ranging from various religious backgrounds were awaiting us.  This particular evening I would preach the gospel around a true story called, "Don't let the Baboon steal your bananas."  Earlier that day Baboons stole my bananas at lunch time as I had no idea that the area we were dining in outdoors contained baboons.  African's love my baboon story and it generates much laughter.  As I shared about how there can be spiritual baboons who are not as friendly as real baboons (I shared that I do like the African Baboon and it is not an evil animal), but spiritual baboons can come in the form of alcohol, drugs, smoking, sex outside marriage, several of the village alcoholics were present.  One young man looked very deranged with eyes that were bulging.  He kept looking at me in a most threatening manner. He kept dancing very vulgar as we attempted to conduct the outreach event.  We formed as a Church and prayed for the love of God over him.  One of the elders asked him to sit with him.  At the end of the service this man ran forward weeping, feel to the ground grasping my arm tightly and began convulsing. He begged Jesus to forgive him and fill him with the Holy Spirit.  The power of the Holy Spirit through love of Jesus was so real in this mans plea for help.  We witnessed many miracles during this event and we witnessed several released from demonic possession.  Nearly 300 men, women, and children made a decision to ask Jesus to forgive their sins and be the leader of their life while being filled with the Holy Spirit.  It was a beautiful outreach.  

We continued preaching the next several days, witnessing nearly 1,500 people making decisions for Christ.  Nearly 500-1000 made decisions to go answer the call into full-time missions to take to every Nation for Christ.  This happened as we traveled through the south in Blantyre, the central part of Malawi in Lilongwe, and now we are in the north part of Malawi called, Rumphi.  I have never seen so many people be willing to go to all Nations at any cost and I have never seen the power of God fall so mightily through a loving spirit of Jesus Christ drawing people unto Himself.  Village after village we witnessed the above over and over.  

I have read about revival, heard about revival sweeping nations like Honduras and others in recent years, but, this is my first true encounter with revival.  I thank you Jesus for allowing me to witness and take part in this historic event.  

Please stand with us in prayer.  In Rumphi we will be conducting a five day revival service at Pastor Lenson's Church.  People are advertising all throughout Rumphi.  Pray for my strength as when this revival concludes I will have preached 25 continues days. My flesh is struggling but my spirit man feels on fire each time I stand to preach, minister. and pray through the laying on of hands.  

After that I will journey back to the airport in Lilongwe, then to Johannesburg, South Africa to meet with our evangelistic team for Rock this City, where we have been invited into several African nations.  Pray for my rest there and for some time meeting with fellow evangelists.  Then I will journey back to the USA sometime in June?   

God bless you and thank you so much for standing with us in prayer.  God is downloading new vision as how he wants Rock this City to stand with Malawi, Africa.  Will you be praying about standing with us in prayer and financial support?  If the Lord does touch your heart, we would be honored, but we pray in no way that any person feels pressured to give.  The Bible says, "Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give...."  I love that verse in 2 Cor. 9.  This protects the giver and receiver to inherit only Gods best and blessings.  

I love you and hope to see each of you soon.  Thank you for praying for my stomach condition, it's nearly better.  I did pick up a mean flu bug as well, but that did not hinder the preaching of the gospel.  Pray for a quick recovery.  

In His Grip in Malawi,

Joseph Sammons


May 17, 2016 - Malawi Revival Update

Greetings all,

Hope you are doing well.  We had one of the most amazing revivals I have ever taken part in.  What began as an Association Conference for pastors and Church leaders and members turned into a local evangelistic revival.  Nearly 200-300 people responded to the call of salvation preaching the gospel. 

I have read books about Pioneer ministries, such as Neil Anderson’s, “In Search of the Source," and have heard riveting sermons from the Urbana missions conference about Pioneer Ministries.  For the first time in my life, evangelist Thami ("Tommy") and I ministered in a Pioneer church plamt in a village that no church was willing to enter into. 

As smoke from charcoal fires billowed in the church windows, it dawned on me: this is everyday life in Area 42 Lilongwe, Malawi (Africa).  The smoke that literally filled the church seemed symbolic to the throne of Christ and the prophetic flow that felt like a rushing river under my feet as I noticed the smoke.  I have never preached like this in my life.  At one point, I thought I had gone crazy, as I started sprinting like a "Banny Rooster," shouting to the top of my lungs, "Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God and Malawi, you will take Mozambique for Jesus Christ.”  The place came unglued, maybe because I was unglued first.  I told my friend Heather a couple of years ago, "I hope I never run around the pews like one of those preachers," Heather laughed and said, "I see it, you will do it!"  Heather, I did it and I’m not sure what happened. 

Over the three days we saw 200 or more come to Jesus Christ.  The Church is planted deep in a village.  Most have no running water or electricity.  As evangelist Thami and I flowed together, it made a very powerful force for Christ.  Nearly 100 people came forward to receive a call into ministry. 

I just finished ministering at the Assemblies of God Seminary Chapel service.  The same thing happened: the place came unglued as I issued a call into full-time missions and not counting the costs by, "I lay my Isaac down."

Both Church staffs and the President of the Assemblies of God Seminary, Edward Chitsonga, informed me God is calling thousands of believers in Malawi into full time ministry and to go to all nations no matter the cost, even to the point of death.  I have never seen this happen in my life, a true, genuine outpouring of the Holy Spirit, not only in salvation but in true fivefold ministry calling.  President Chitsonga said, "the resources cannot keep up with the amount of the call to train Church Planters as Pastors and release them."  This is true revival.  Pray for us as we start on May 18 to visit Pioneer Church plants, conduct evangelistic festivals to grow the Church, discipleship meetings for follow-up, and pastoral meetings for encouragement and leadership needs.  These may be the most fun days of my life.  I’m honored to take part in this revival nationwide.

Pray for my health:  stomach issues a little.  Some high blood pressure.

Pray I would learn language with ease.

Pray for strength as I was just invited to be lead speaker at the June 6-10 missions meeting

Pray for Andrew Palau Association as they prepare for a nationwide festival in August.

Pray for my time with Evangelist Thami as I return through Johannsburg, South Africa on June 11-12.

God bless you.


March 19, 2016 South African Wedding/Trip Update

I just returned from South Africa, and words cannot describe the mighty things God's hands provided.  Specifically, He provided conversations and built relationships with lives that will be altered for eternity. 

God providentially had me stand beside the Bishop of Malawi, Reverend Adams Lwesya, while traveling to South Africa on the plane ride over.  I had slept for about four hours and woke all of the sudden.  When I walked to the rear galley in order to stretch, I sensed a tremendous flow of Gods presence.  This was the first of many miracles.  As I walked near Bishop Adams, I stopped to look at him as he was witnessing to a stewardess unbeknownst to me and I told him , "My God, I feel the presence of Jesus all over you."  He smiled and said, "You too, Prophet."  We both felt an incredible prophetic flow on the plane, as the Spirit poured out over the back few rows of that airplane.  It was awesome!!  He and I ministered for several hours to people during that flight.

Bishop Adams extended a formal invitation for me to conduct a revival for his 200 Churches during a May conference.   They are constructing a conference to help their Pastors get closer to the Holy Spirit and see revival in their Church on May 13-15.  It will be a leadership conference on the Holy Spirit and His outpouring.  I have felt strong spiritual attack since he gave the invitation.  The last white evangelist that went into Malawi was R.W. Schambach.  Evangelist Shambach laid hands on the young Adams and said, "One day, you will be the Bishop of Malawi."  Twenty-three years later, Bishop Adams has planted over 200 Churches across Malawi.  Amen!  Malawi is a very peaceful nation, but it is very poor so all funding will be provided through our ministry.  Pray that God’s presence pours out as I return to Malawi, Africa on May 10, 2016.  

God also provided the opportunity to introduce me to an influential business man, and to encourage himto rededicate his life to Christ.  He asked questions about the Bible and his life for nearly five hours, confessing every sin he could think of. Then we prayed, and He asked Jesus to cleanse him and fill himself with the Holy Spirit.  He has asked me to accompany him to a closed nation. Praise God.  It would turn out after writing this blog that this closed nation is pouring refugees into Malawi, Africa as well.  So, it seems God will either bring me into this closed nation or bring them to us as we share the gospel.  God’s timing is amazing.  

Attached you will find a photo of the wedding with which God allowed me to help, as well as a map of the region for you to pray over (the areas we will be visiting are highlighted). I was able to preach "The Grace of God" to many that day at the wedding.  The conversations after the message were great.  The prophetic gift flows strongly there.  At least two people prayed to receive Jesus during follow up conversations.   

The couple desired to exchange their own impromptu vows, so I just backed out of the way of the flow.  It was powerful!!  The Lord then told me to assemble the entire family, and lay hands on bride and groom as I poured an entire bottle of King’s Garments anointing oil on all their hands (they made a team hand pile on the Bible pictured).  They had no idea I was preaching their wedding out of their Bible.  I presented it to them at the end as the entire family laid hands on it.  God moved powerfully.   

Would you pray for this next venture back to Africa on May 10, 2016?  I have no idea how it will happen financially or even practically, I just know what I seen and heard.  The Holy Spirit placed upon my heart to provide food relief as I enter the country as well.  My prayer is to provide each Pastor (that attends) a suit along with a small bottle of anointing oil, as I lay hands and anoint Pastors during the conference.  If you feel led to financially partner with us, visit our donate link on the website, Click here

God bless you,


Joseph (Joey) Sammons
Matthew 28:18-20


Easter, March 27, 2016 South Africa:

“To the depth of impossibility exists the level of the blood of Christ. That's grace!" (Ephesians 1:7) 

Addiction. Depression. Sin. Confusion. Anxiety. Hopeless. Political unrest. Racism. Elitism. There is nothing under Heaven on God’s green earth that the blood of Christ can't fix!! I will spend my last waking breath on earth preaching, and by the grace of God, living that message. Thank you Jesus.

"What can wash away my sins......."


March 2016  "Put these things in remembrance..." :

I (Joey) remember the day when a Moody Bible missionary, Esther Otteson, shared with mom and dad (J.S. and Sharon Sammons) the vision she and her late husband (Evangelist Joseph Otteson) heard from God; to install a gospel radio station in the east Kentucky area.  She looked at dad and said, "You are the man to make it happen, with your technical ability, your sales ability and love for God."

I watched my dad labor for 10 years on weekends and during free time, relentless, to install this radio station and tower, that would serve as a relay for Moody Bible Institute. He and mom went through true warfare to complete the project. He had a vision from God, and illustrated to my brother and I one thing, when God gives you a vision you stop at absolutely nothing!!

Recently a friend of mine and I were driving down the road in Pikeville and he said, "Joe Bob, you know we have one of the most powerful radio stations in the Nation, reaching over 180,000 people per day with the gospel?" I got really quiet for a couple of seconds. He said, "son, what's wrong?" I shared the above story with him and just smiled, and said, "I remember very well."

I helped as much as any 6-year-old would be able to assist with installing a tower. A lot of my assistance was with my toy Tonka truck, helping dad and my brother dig the little ditches where wire would be installed for the tower. I remember when the tower itself was delivered to our back yard. Dad awakened my brother and I that morning with such zeal. Dad recruited 20 of the roughest characters on our holler to help provide muscle, the needle would need assistance to be sat in the ground firmly. Most of those wild, party characters are walking with Christ today. The only one that's not told me recently, "Man, Jesus is after me." Just a matter of time G!!!

So, Yes. I know about the station.

Dad and mom were relentless, and so were Satan's attacks. In the end, It was worth every ounce of suffering. Phil. 1:6

Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! Let the gospel be proclaimed in those hills like never before, let your Holy Spirit rain down like Zec 10:1; I speak to drug and alcohol addiction and confusion that resides in any homes in the hills of east Ky, let the presence of God, of Christ and His Holy Ghost melt these false gods that appear to provide substance. Stand up Jesus. Stand up tall according to John 12:32. Hallelujah! I love you Jesus. Thank you for the 90.1 radio station. Thank you Lord, that through this, you birthed in me a craving and a call to serve in full-time, faith supported ministry. Thank you for this region in east Kentucky that is not afraid to stand up for you, that is what they have taught me in the hills." Amen.

Dad and mom. It was so worth it all!  I hope you hear those words from Jesus Himself sooner rather than later, "well done my good and faithful servant..."

Thank you!

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