United pastors - working together to unify the bride

United Pastors

Our goal is to “Unite the tribes.”  Recently a friend and successful business asked me to describe the vision of “Rock the City,” he keeps hearing about.  I was challenged in the sense that I thought, “How do I describe this to someone who is of another religion, and is a business colleague?”  The first slide of the presentation popped up and it’s the Jewish mobile tabernacle, the one God instructed Moses and Aaron to build years before King David would construct the temple.  I turned to my friend and said, “You recognize this?” He said, “Of course dummy, I’m Jewish!"


I begin sharing how God’s presence formerly dwelt in the most Holy of Holies, represented in this picture by fire dropping down from Heaven.  God's presence moved out of the temple and with potential to reside in the human heart after Jesus died for our sins.  There was a shift from Temple, to our body if we enter through Christ.  I then shared, “And most Churches in the United States were filled with this type of presence years ago, but for some reason, that presence has diminished in our nation the last twenty to thirty years.  Friends who are missionaries in various nations share their only hesitation returning to the United States is that the thick presence of Gods Holy Spirit appears to remain in those nations, such as many African nations.” 


In response, we are attempting to unite all Churches who believe in Jesus Christ, around the message of the Cross to ban together, to link arms for a common movement to reach their city!” My Jewish friend said, “Ohhh, I see, you are trying to unite the tribes.  Brilliant!”  I was shocked. That is exactly our mission, to unite the tribe’s, those Churches who desire to see Jesus Christ, “Be lifted up, that all men would be drawn to Himself.”  Let’s grab hands, connect arms, cross racial lines, cross denominational lines just for a moment, and show the world we love God, each other and them.”  Amen!